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Electrical Panel Manufacturer in Delhi NCR India by Global Electrical & Controls Pvt. Ltd.

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Every industry or plant needs a good optimization of electricity for the growth and development. Electricity is a very big department in an industry. It is a very big issue to control and optimize the electricity flow we often use different types of panels like AMF panel, APFC panel, Main LT panel , STP/ETP/WTP panel, Starter panel, Bus Duct, CSR panel, Cable Tray, Cable Tray accessories, D.G Synchronization panel, Control desk etc. We will provide you the information regarding the AMF panel and some more other panels. AMF panel stands for Automated Mains Failure, this panel is mainly used for start and stop of generator that is when main power supply fails then the generator automatically senses the failure and starts the generator and vice versa. Global Electrical and Controls Pvt. Ltd. provides an eco-friendly and robust AMF panel which is manufactured by our experts and experienced team. We are the leading AMF panel manufacturer in Delhi NCR and we are also the renowned D.G synchronization panel manufacturer in Delhi NCR. The electrical panel provided by us is very efficient and robust. GECPL is the first and final preferences of industries and plant in India from a very long time.

Our Exclusive Product Range:

1-    AMF panel

2-    APFC Panel

3-    Main LT panel

4-    STP/ETP/WTP Panel

5-    Starter Panel

6-    Bus Duct

7-    CSR Panel

8-    Cable tray

9-    Cable Tray accessories

10-  D.G Synchronization Panel

11-  Control Desk

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Every plant and industry is so vast that the electricity consumption in that plant is very much high and it consumed in an inefficient manner. That’s why it is very much necessary to consume the electricity in an efficient manner. Electrical panel helps to manage the consumption of electricity in an efficient manner. These panels control the electricity supply in an efficient manner as these panel control the electricity flow through generator, motor etc. Like AMF panel, this panel is used for the start and stop of generator that is when main power supply fails then within some prefixed time the generator become started by this panel and when power becomes active then it turnoff the generator. Global Electrical and Controls Pvt Ltd is the authorized dealer and manufacturer of these type of panels. These panels manufactured by GECPL is very much eco-friendly and robust in nature which works very efficiently. GECPL is the leading and recognized AMF panel manufacturer in Delhi NCR and we are also manufacturer of STP/ETP/WTP panel manufacturer in Delhi NCR.

GECPL is the recognized manufacturer and dealer of several panels like, Main LT panel, APFC panel, MCC control panel, D.G synchronization panel, AMF panel, changeover panel, PLC panel, Cable Tray, BUS duct etc. We are the reputed APFC panel manufacturer in Delhi NCR and Main LT panel manufacturer of Delhi NCR.

Our main Products:

  • AMF Panel
  • APFC Panel
  • Main LT panel
  • STP/ETP/WTP Panel
  • Starter Panel
  • Bus Duct
  • CSR Panel
  • Cable Tray
  • Cable Tray Accessories
  • G Synchronization Panel
  • Control Desk

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D.G. synchronization panels manufacturer & exporter

GECPL’s D.G. synchronization Panel is all that much strong and proficient. D.G. synchronization panels are essentially utilized for the synchronization of two or more D.G. set when primary comes up short. At the point when principle fizzles all the D.G. begins in the meantime yet when burden increments over 70% then one D.G. will stop and other will take the entire burden. In short we can say that when principle falls flat then all the D.G. set will synchronize as per the heap and the board.

The D.G. synchronization panels produced by our designers are profoundly conservative, powerful and effective. The D.G. set and the synchronization board which we produce is without mistake and electrically upgraded with new innovations and procedures. We are very prescribed and perceived maker and exporter of India. We are giving the D.G. synchronization boards from an organization which is ensured from ISO 9001:2008 and CPRI that is Global Electrical and Controls Pvt Ltd.


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MCC control panel manufacturer & Exporter

A motor control center (MCC) is a gathering of one or more encased segments having a typical force transport and chiefly containing engine control units. Engine control focuses are in advanced practice a manufacturing plant get together of a few engine starters. An engine control focus can incorporate variable recurrence drives, programmable controllers, and metering and may likewise be the electrical administration passageway for the building.

Motor control center focuses are normally utilized for low voltage three-stage substituting current engines from 208 V to 600 V. Medium-voltage engine control focuses are made for expansive engines running at 2300 V to around 15000 V, utilizing vacuum contactors for exchanging and with particular compartments for force exchanging and control.

Motor control center focuses have been utilized subsequent to 1950 by the automobile fabricating industry which utilized substantial quantities of electric engines. Today they are utilized as a part of numerous modern and business applications. Where extremely dusty or destructive procedures are utilized, the motor control center focus may be introduced in a different cooled room, yet regularly a MCC will be on the processing plant floor adjoining the hardware controlled.


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AMF Panel Manufacturer & Exporter by GECPL

A.M.F remains for Automated Mains Failure, these boards essentially utilized for START and STOP of generator, that is when there is disappointment of force supply the AMF faculties it and initiates the generator inside of a prefixed time, illustration (2 min). Gecpl is one of largest manufacturer & exporter of AMF panels in Delhi NCR India

AMF gives power supply constantly to the heap or machines when there is nonattendance of principle supply. It keeps the voltage vacillation and principle inability to the heap. It additionally secures the DG set and this is all that much easy to understand in nature.

The amf boards which we will give you are all that much effective, all that much simple to utilize and are easy to use. Worldwide Electrical and Controls Pvt Ltd is the first and only decision of commercial enterprises and production lines in India. Our GECPL power era sets are easy to understand and it meets all the terms and states of CPRI by Ministry of Environment. Our organization is likewise ISO 9001:2008 and CPRI guaranteed.


APFC panel manufacturer Delhi NCR by GECPL

APFC Panel Manufacturer & Exporter since 1997 Call us for best Quote at 09999982280

APFC boards is the acronym of Automatic Power Factor Correction. These boards are regularly utilized for upgrade of force calculate commercial ventures. It changes the force variable at whatever point important by changing it to now and again of the capacitor bank. APFC boards are utilized for development of force variable from 0.99 to 1.00 which is mandatory for the sparing of power in gasp of commercial ventures. In short we can say that the APFC boards are fundamentally utilized for force sparing or power sparing. Its all that much essential favorable position is that it naturally shifts as indicated by the heap necessity on the LT side that is dispersion side.

Worldwide Electrical and Controls Pvt Ltd gives APFC boards which is all that much high in productivity and are more powerful in force sparing. We hold skill in these boards that is APFC boards. Our capacitor banks which are utilized as a part of it are effective and can synchronize the force supply effectively. Our APFC boards are exceedingly suggested in plants of India. We give ISO 9001:2008 and CPRI ensured APFC boards.